CCDO has 100 orphan kids who really need the help of volunteers to keep them going.

CCDO has a primary school were 90% of its orphan kids go for studies.

Apart from normal class programmes the school has different programmes like sports, music drama, dance, computer lessons, English practice (spelling game), Fine Art, Debate, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The school also has scholarship programmes for the children.

These programmes are extra actives done to help the kids build their talents and also help them go an extra mile beside the normal class work.

The school is also planning to build permanent structural buildings for it’s classes as the current ones are temporarily built.

The orphanage home is currently renting premises for orphans which costs much but it’s also planning to build its own home on already purchased & surveyed land.

The orphanage home also has a mental health counselling programme for the kids who seem to be traumatised.

CCDO also has a programme on HIV/AIDS counselling for teens orphans.

CCDO has a programme on carrier guidance for teens orphans to help them stay focused on their studies.

CCDO also holds a sponsorship program for the orphan children.

Therefore CCDO is grateful to invite all volunteers who are willing to participate in doing the following programmes that goes throughout the year.
  1. Sports, music, drama, drama, computer, English practice (spelling game) fine Art and Debate programmes.
  2. Scholarship primary school building programmes (fundraise)
  3. Mental health counselling program.
  4. HIV/AIDS counselling programme for teens
  5. Carrier guidance programme for teens.
  6. Sponsorship & orphanage home building programme (fundraise)
It’s our culture that volunteers who are willing use their money for accommodation to support orphan kids as CCDO offers free reasonable accommodation for them.
CCDO invites both sex for accommodation but hosts single sex of 4 people at ago, it can either be men at ago or women as we only have one self contained dormitory.

We don’t invite volunteers with any criminal record as we scrutinize every one accordingly.

May the good Lord bless every one willing to participate in the above programmes to help the orphans here (Isaiah 1:17).

To Apply:  Click here to download an application form, complete the application form either by editing it and returning it as an e-mail attachment or by printing and posting it to us.